Anglers Park Donation to Expand Mountain Bike Trail System

Danville, VA-- Thanks to a very generous donation, Danville's Angler's Park will be expanding one of its most popular attractions.

A Danville businessman just donated almost fourteen acres of land and some bikers are very excited about this.

Danville Parks and Recreation said that piece of land is going to be a perfect addition to the Angler's Park mountain bike trail system.

"That's just amazing to me because the trail is already so nice," said David Lemery, a mountain biker.

There already 27 miles of mountain biking trails at Anglers Park, so imagine what 14 more acres will bring

"We have the number one rated single-track trail system in Virginia," said Justin Rogers, a member of the Southern Virginia Mountain Bike Association. "We have some of the most outstanding trails possible."

"Getting fourteen more acres of space to develop that is a fantastic thing for the city," said Lemery.

Danville businessman Jay Barker recently contacted Danville Parks and Recreation out of the blue, and offered to donate the land.

"We're very happy to get it," said Bill Sgrinia, Director of Danville Parks and Recreation. "It's a nice piece of property, it helps join the park together because it was kind of in the middle of two pieces, so it allows the trails to join together better."

Sgrinia said there was no question with what to do with the land. Give avid cyclists an even bigger reason to continue winding through those adventurous parts of the park.

"Angler's Park has over the last few years become a very popular park," said Sgrinia. "We have people that regularly travel here from Raleigh, Greensboro, Roanoke, Lynchburg, to ride on our trails and any given weekday after 5 o'clock, the parking lot gets pretty full."

"I think we already have a wonderful thing going here and this is only going to make it better," said Rogers. "I think everybody in the mountain bike community is very thankful and very excited about it."