Angels Of Assisi Needs Help Placing 45 Dogs

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke's Angels of Assisi is looking for some good homes to place about 45 new dogs they have just taken possession of.

A legal area dog breeder that is going out of business contacted Angels to see if they could help.

The non-profit took in 30 of the dogs over the weekend plus another 14 Wednesday.

The dogs are a mixed batch primarily of Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Greyhounds.

"They really wanted the animals to go to good homes and not end up in a puppy mill or end up somewhere else. The dogs are well taken care of, very friendly, they are very social and they are in good shape," said Angels Executive Director Lisa O'Neill.

All of the animals will be updated with shots, dental work and be spayed or neutered over the next few days as they get ready for their new homes.