Anchor Danner Evans Reveals Gender of Her Baby

Lynchburg, VA - ABC 13 News at 5 anchor Danner Evans is so excited about her new bundle of joy due in March.

Boy or girl, everyone agrees that just having a healthy baby is the most important part of all.

But she's been really interested to know what she's having. She already had a son - so the bets have been on as to whether she'll have another boy or a baby girl.

Evans tired out Consumer Genetics Pink or Blue test. By seven weeks post conception it claims to be able to find traces of a baby's DNA in the mother's blood, and tell you if you're having a boy or girl.

Evans took it at 11 weeks pregnant. Pink or Blue said she's having a boy.

The results from her 21 week ultrasound show Pink or Blue got it right -- she's having a baby boy!

Although Dr. William Cook was impressed with the studies behind the product and the 95% accuracy rate, he said a lot of parents might be more inclined to wait until that mid-way ultrasound to start painting a room.

"I think the finalization of actually seeing the features with an ultrasound is probably the thing that tells them for certain that it's a boy or girl but this test has a promising future."

There is a cost associated with Pink or Blue -- $150, but they do have a money back guarantee listed on their website.