An Evington Veteran's Very Special Fourth of July

Evington, VA - While Fourth of July celebrations took place nationwide, in Evington, one family is celebrating much more.

It was 83 year old Harry Wood's birthday. He's a Korean War veteran, he earned a purple heart during his service and for him, the Fourth of July has such special meaning.

"I was born July the 4th 1930" said Wood.

Just like the flag that flies in the front of his house, "For one thing, it happens to be made in the U.S.A." said Wood; Harry Wood Junior is as American as they come.

"Like he told you, he hangs the flag out 24/7" said his son Craig.

Craig gathered the whole family together this year for his Dad's 83rd.

"Being a Korean War vet, Purple Heart recipient, and topping it off, being born on the Fourth of July, it don't seem much more patriotic than that" said Craig.

Each birthday, Wood tries to celebrate with some of his six children. This year, together, they took a look back on his service during the Korean War. At 22, Wood volunteered for the Marines. A year into his service, a hand grenade exploded in his fox hole.

"I couldn't even imagine what he went through, doing that. But I'm proud that he's proud" said Craig.

"He's proud of all of us and we like to see him, and we like to make sure that he knows that we love him" said Wood's son Landon.

"Usually they just all get together and celebrate my birthday and this time I just happen to be sick" said Wood.

Wood has late stage pancreatic cancer.

"You don't have but one Dad. I've missed a lot of things with him living so far away, but I'm trying to make up for it now while I can" said Landon.

And so on this Fourth of July, "I'm very proud" said Craig; the flag in the front of his house flies with a little more meaning.

Wood was able to celebrate the fourth with all six of his children, 11 grandkids, and seven great grandchildren.