Amtrak Route From Lynchburg to Bristol Considered

Lynchburg, VA - In a matter of a few years, you could ride Amtrak from Lynchburg to Bristol, if Chamber officials have their way.

Chamber president Rex Hammond will meet in Johnson City, Tennessee next week to talk about extending passenger rail service to Bristol.

Everyone still has to sign off on it, and it would take about two years to get the infrastructure and funding in place. And the expansion wouldn't end there.

"We want to create this vision and create a new partnership with chambers in Tennessee to get them to advocate for a train to come up from Chattanooga through Knoxville to meet us in Bristol," Hammond said.

A new shuttle service from Roanoke to Lynchburg's Amtrak station is also taking off. Hammond says it's a sign Roanoke's ready for an Amtrak station of their own.