Amherst Town Council Approves Moving Town Hall

Amherst, VA - The current building is not handicap accessible and has few parking spaces with little room to renovate.

The new location is just a few hundred yards away, just one block down on South Main Street.

At its July 10 meeting, town council approved spending $340,000 to purchase the old chiropractic office, but there's still a whole lot of work ahead.

"You have the island theme and the waterfall theme," Mayor Paul Kilgore said. "You have the Kenny Chesney room here."

Mayor Kilgore sees promise.

"Some walls will be removed and a door added," Kilgore said.

The plan is to turn 174 South Main Street into the town's administrative offices, the police department, and council chambers.

"Several of these walls will come down and this will be the town council chamber," Kilgore said.

The big screen TV will have to go.

Kilgore hopes to move out of the old bank, that currently serves as town hall, by the first of next year.

"We got the old building for a dollar. It's served us well for 50 years."

"There comes a time where it just doesn't meet the standard that we feel our citizens expect," Kilgore said.

The new town hall will be much more accessible.

The former chiropractor's office will have not one, but two handicap bathrooms, many more parking spots, and is big enough to put the entire police department under one roof.

"This area back here will be the police department," Kilgore said.

Kilgore said he's had his eye on the building for three months now, and it's one of the largest projects he's taken on since taking over as mayor.

"We feel like it's money well spent. And it puts us in a position for this building to serve us for another 50 years," Kilgore said.