Amherst Students Order Groceries Online

Amherst, VA - Between classes and studying, college students have busy schedules. That usually doesn't leave time for shopping for groceries. Instead of settling for Pop Tarts and Ramen Noodles, four students at Sweet Briar College created a service, dedicated to delivering groceries to on campus students. Sweet Briar College offers a picturesque surrounding, free from distractions. What it doesn't have is a lot of shopping options for students. That's why Olivia Hurt, Caroline McMillian, Catherine Freeman and Murphy Owen started GroceWe. "I was in my apartment, I got really, really hungry, our class was at 1:30, and I didn't have time to go the store, and go out and by food, or go to the eating area," Freeman said. The concept is simple. Students at Sweet Briar log onto the GroceWe website, and shop for what they want online. Groceries are then purchased at a local supermarket, and delivered, every Monday to students. Olivia Hurt says that this idea went through the research process first, and the reception has been overwhelming. "We found that many people would be really excited to use this service. The more and more we talk to people, the more excited they are," Hurt said. GroceWe will be looking into hiring interns for next year, as well. The service is live for Sweet Briar Students only for now. However, the four students see a future for GroceWe at Sweet Briar, as well as other college campuses in the area. "We'd love to bring this to anybody that has the demand for it. We're also looking into expanding to other nearby schools, if they have an interest," Hurt said. "Especially one with boys!" The first deliveries for the GroceWe service will be made next week to Sweet Briar students. Three out of the four ladies will be graduating this year, but Olivia Hurt says that the service will continue to service the Sweet Briar community.