Amherst Sheriff Wants to Put SRO's in Every School

Amherst, VA - In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, the Amherst County Sheriff is proposing a massive overhaul to improve school security.

The sheriff wants the county to create a special fund, apart from his or the school's budget and raise roughly $4 million by increasing the real estate tax by five cents.

The money would hire and train eleven new school resource officers, put two at the high school and one in all other public schools.

More than $2 million dollars would go towards school buildings: adding locks, security cameras and upgrading classroom doors.

The fund would also pay for a new radio system for first responders.

All the improvements would be implemented over the next five years.

Sheriff Jimmy Ayers says he can't think of a better way to spend money than protecting children at school.

"I hope and pray through my lifetime we never hear of such an incident happening in Amherst County or anywhere else in this country. But look at our trends. Look at the times. It's taking place everywhere," Ayers explained.

Ayers says his plan is almost identical to one proposed by the superintendent of schools.

Before any changes actually take place, the Board of Supervisors would have to approve the plan and hold several public hearings on the issue.