Amherst Power Outages Become Frustration

Amherst, VA -- The storm is gone, but for thousands in our area, the power outages remain. For some, it can be really frustrating.

It may look like business as usual at Ogden's Grocery in Amherst. But just hours before the power was out, the lights were off, and that means the money was simply not coming in.

"Business has pretty much been nothing today. Everybody has pretty much stayed in. It's been a quiet day," said Randy Fauber, works at Ogden's Grocery.

Fauber tells us they lost power for hours, twice. But when the electricity shuts off, the generators come on.

"It was pretty tough. We tried to keep a generator going to keep the cold foods from spoiling but it really kills the business," said Fauber.

Fauber tells us most of their profits come from gas sales. And the generator cannot keep that going too.

"When you get times like this, it really puts things in a bind for you," said Fauber.

Throughout the area, others went through similar frustrations.

"It went off and on several different times and one time we lost it for two or three hours," said Michael Lowhorne, Amherst resident.

"It just went off for a short time and came right back on," said Virgil Freel.

Virgil Freel luckily only lost power for a few seconds. But he took that as a warning.

"We thought that that was a sign we better get ready. And we got ready and of course now we are just filling up the cans for the generators," said Freel.

While everyone hopes that wind gusts don't cause more outages, those with power now are just thankful.

"Very grateful. Very grateful to see them come back on and see all the lights come back up and all the boxes start running again," said Fauber.