Amherst Police Investigating Rash of Break-Ins

Amherst, VA - Police in the town of Amherst need your help to solve a rash of break-ins Tuesday night.

Three Amherst churches and the Amherst post office were all broken into.

Early Wednesday morning, the Town of Amherst Police Department responded to the first break in, and throughout the morning additional reports of break-ins continued coming in.

Allan Monfils is the Pastor at Blue Ridge Baptist Church.

"It is kinda scary to think that it's hitting home here," Monfils said.

As soon as Pastor Monfils got to work, he knew something wasn't right.

"I saw the air conditioner, and I didn't know if it had fell down or if somebody had broken, it, and so I came in and looked noticed they had ripped it out and I could see footprints coming through the building," Monfils continued.

The pastor first saw footprints in the kitchen inside the church. The footprints then led out into a hallway, and to the pastor's office.

Monfils' door had been busted through, and his desk ransacked.

In all, Pastor Monfils says several expensive electronics had been stolen, including his wife's laptop. He says the laptop can be replaced, but some of the things on it, can't be.

"She also had a lot of pictures, she had just came back from Guatemala, and had a lot of pictures with her and a couple teenagers on there," Monfils explained.

Right down the road, someone also broke into Emmanuel United Methodist Church, too.

At Morning Star Baptist Church, an exterior stained glass window was busted, but police say no one ever made it inside.

The Amherst post office on Main Street also fell victim to the vandals.

ABC 13 cameras weren't allowed inside, but viewers sent cell phone photos of the damage to P.O. boxes.

Police say the culprits broke into several of the mail boxes and stole people's mail.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the police department at 434-946-7874.

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