Amherst Hit Hard by Weekend Break-Ins

Amherst, VA - The Amherst police department is asking for help to solve a rash of break-ins and attempted break-ins over the weekend.

The police chief says on average, they have one or two break-ins a month.

Monday morning, investigators got six reports over the course of a few days.

The single stoplight town is not immune to a big city problem.

"It happened Thursday night. So there was a 2x4 behind the lock Friday night,"said Lynn Bowling of Montague Miller Real Estate.

The real estate office, doctor's office and three restaurants all were targeted by thieves.

"Some of the buildings they were not able to get into or didn't take the time. But others they forced their way into," said Kelvin Brown.

All six businesses are within this block of South Main Street. And that's put the entire town of Amherst on high alert.

Four laptops were stolen from the Montague Miller Real Estate Office, valued at $1,100 each.

"It feels like we've been violated basically because all of our information is on our computers," said Bowling.

One of those computers belonged to Mayor Paul Kilgore.

The police chief knows anyone or any business is at-risk of being hit.

"We hope that they consider extra security equipment and continue to utilize good lighting at night," Brown said.

While police review surveillance video to try and track down the thieves, a lock and a different mindset is greeting customers on Amherst's main street.

"I think we were all naive to the fact that it couldn't happen to us and it did," said Bowling.

All of the laptops taken from the Montague Miller Real Estate Office belonged to employees, not the company.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900.