Amherst Habitat For Humanity Suspends New Home Building

Habitat for Humanity in Amherst County is temporarily suspending building new homes. The charity has seen a reduced amount of charitable donations. They have laid the foundation already for two homes, but the sites will remain empty for now. Executive Director Craig Cassell says the charity isn't going anywhere, and continues to work for those in need, stating that "Our doors will stay open, we will operate, we have positive things going on in the background, which will keep us moving. But, we would like to be able to build that house." Habitat is currently focusing its efforts on their "A Brush With Kindness" project, which helps rehab and fix homes in need. Donations are needed to help restart the home projects, and to continue to fund the "A Brush With Kindness" projects, as well. For more information on how you can donate, click HERE.