Amherst County's Meals on Wheels Expanding

Amherst Co., VA - Five days a week, the Amherst County Meals on Wheels delivers hot meals to folks in need, and now they're ready to serve more.

Right now, they serve around 15 clients all in different situations. This weekend, they're holding a pancake breakfast fundraiser to raise money and serve even more people in need.

Having the ability to cook is easy to take for granted.

"Last night I had a cheese burger and French fries, you can't beat that," said Tammy Martin,.

Some of us don't like to do it at all.

"You're definitely going to get fried chicken on Tuesdays, but being a southern girl, that's fine with me," said Martin.

That is until, like Martin, you lose the ability to do it yourself.

"I'm partially paralyzed on my left side of my body, on the right side I'm fine," she said.

Martin has Multiple Sclerosis. She cannot walk, has limited use of her left arm, and periodically loses her eyesight.

So once a day, Amherst County's Meals on Wheels cooks for her. Monday through Friday, a volunteer drives to her home and brings her dinner.

"Some of our drivers will drive 30 miles or more just to deliver 5 or 6 meals," said Joanna Harris.

Harris is a board member.

"There's a great unmet need. There are people in their homes that have no way of getting food or someone to check on them every day. And this way, people can stay in their homes much longer," she said.

Getting the help means a lot to Martin, who wants to keep some sort of independence because she doesn't know how much longer she'll have it.

"Thank you for making my life a lot easier. It means the world to me," said Martin.

The pancake breakfast will be held at Mountain View Market on Lowesville Road in Amherst County from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Meals on Wheels, you can get more information on their website.