Amherst County Schools: Long Awaited Efficiency Study Results to be Released

Amherst Co., VA- After much anticipation and angst, the results of an efficiency study of the Amherst County schools will be released Thursday night. The study, which was urged by the Board of Supervisors and approved by the School Board at a cost of $100,000, was conducted by an independent firm out of North Carolina. Prismatic Services, Inc. was initially paid $47,000 of the cost which was appropriated by the Board of Supervisors.

Amherst County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Steven Nichols, says he doesn't expect the study to reveal much waste in his school district. He told ABC 13, that the group of experts assembled by Prismatic, investigated everything in the school system from food services, transportation, instructional delivery to the facilities and beyond. Dr. Nichols told ABC 13 that he believes his school system is a veritable, "bargain," and at an annual budget of $48 million, he said the school system is still "under funded."

The meeting is expected to draw a large crowd. If the Amherst County School Board implements 50% of the study recommendations, the state will absorb the rest of the cost of the study. If they do not implement the recommendations, the county will have to pay for the remaining cost of the study.

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