Amherst Co. Leaders Question Work of Treasurer

Amherst Co., VA - Amherst County Supervisors believe they're being misled by their county treasurer. And they say she's misleading the people who elected her.

Those accusations came out Tuesday at a monthly board meeting when county leaders said they've had ongoing problems with the work of Treasurer Evelyn Martin.

It goes back to last April, when they realized the county books still had not been completed for the year 2010. The state even got involved and threatened a fine of $33,000 a day until the books were up to date.

At Tuesday's meeting, the board learned the treasurer's office has only completed county finances through May 31 of this year.

Fearing a repeat of last year, the board has voted to prepare a petition to file for a writ of mandamus against the treasurer. That's a legal maneuver that would get the courts involved to potentially have a judge force Martin to do her job in a timely manner.

"That was a last resort that the board members wanted to do but our hands are tied, we have to do something to show the people in this county that we've done everything that we can," said Don Kidd, Amherst County supervisor.

Evelyn Martin cannot be fired because she is a constitutionally elected official. After the meeting, she admitted she has been overwhelmed by the duties of the job.