Amherst Co. Deputy With Terminal Cancer Considers Himself 'Cured'

Amherst, VA - An Amherst County deputy, diagnosed with terminal cancer, is determined to put his badge back on.

The department's holding a fundraiser for James "Mac" McAllister this Saturday to help pay for medical bills. McAllister says he plans on being there.

In June, doctors told Mac McAllister he had pancreatic cancer and gave him three to six months to live. That was three months ago.

"To know Jim is to know love," Linda McAllister says looking at her husband.

She hasn't left his side through chemo treatments, through sick spells and through countless doctor's visits.

"It's been an emotional roller coaster," she added.

In the last six months Mac McAllister has lost his father, lost his brother and in June he noticed a hard mass.

"I was having trouble wearing my bullet proof vest and it was causing me pain. So, that's what prompted me to go to the doc," he explained.

Even more bad news. Doctors told him it was stage four pancreatic cancer.

But despite all the loss, the McAllisters say there's even more that they've gained.

"Lots of phone calls, lots of support, lots of love and prayers," Mac McAllister says.

His Lieutenant at the sheriff's office even stops by every now and then to mow his lawn and help feed his horses, he said.

Mac McAllister says the tumors are shrinking, his patrol car's still parked in his front yard, and his family's still hopeful.

"I'm not done with him!" Linda says, squeezing her husband's arm.

As far as McAllister's concerned, the cancer's already cured.

"I'll either be cured here on earth and keep on with my job, or I'll be in heaven," he added.

Local businesses and the sheriff's office have already sold more than 500 tickets to Saturday's fundraiser. It runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Madison Heights Community Center. You can pick up your ticket at the door.