Amherst County Deputies Still Searching for Attempted Abductor

Jacob Moore says he was nearly abducted on August 31st

Vesuvius, VA - Amherst County deputies are still searching for the suspicious man who approached a teenager at his bus stop back in August.

For the first time, Jacob Moore, 16, is sharing his story about how a man driving a red pick-up truck stopped to ask him for directions. What happened next has Moore grateful the bus came in time.

Jacob Moore still rides the same bus to get to Amherst County high school, but says on August 31 he almost didn't make it.

"The way that he was acting, I thought that he was either trying to grab me or something. I didn't really know," Moore says about the man who allegedly tried to abduct him.

Moore was alone, waiting for the bus near his grandma's house in Vesuvius when he says the man pulled off of Route 60 and asked him for directions.

"When he stepped out of his truck and he put his hood up. That's what kind of caught me off guard. And he kinda turned his head to where I couldn't see his face," Moore remembers.

The school resource officer at Amherst County High School says there were other signs that something wasn't right.

"He had his high beams on so Jacob couldn't identify the vehicle or see the guy well," Lewis Goldman explained.

But then, as if right on cue -- the school bus pulled around the corner. Jacob still worries - what if it hadn't.

"The first week or so I thought about it every morning when I went down to the bus stop," he said.

"I think if Jacob had gotten close enough to him and he snatched him, we probably wouldn't see Jacob anymore," Goldman added.

The sheriff's office is still looking for the suspect.

They even contacted officers in Roanoke to see if it's related to another attempted abduction there. But the suspect and vehicle descriptions don't match.

And anytime Jacob hears about another case-- he can't help but wonder.

"I'm always waiting to see if it's that guy or if it's someone with the same truck or something," Moore said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Amherst County Sheriff's Office at (434) 946-9385.

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