Amherst County Considers Incentives to Boost Volunteers

Amherst, VA - The Amherst County Board of Supervisors is considering new incentives to draw in more volunteer firefighters.

The emergency services council asked supervisors to consider four recommendations at this week's board meeting.

The incentives include a $500 bonus, paying volunteers per call, giving them a tax incentive on personal property, and giving their families discounts on ambulance services.

The Public Safety Director Gary Roakes says they have a shortage of volunteers during the weekends and evening hours.

"Volunteerism as a whole has decreased, lack of time, the economy, the needs that kids have on their family members now and the adults taking care of those type of things. It's reached a critical point, particularly with the Amherst Fire Department," said Roakes.

Gary Roakes says if approved, it will cost the county $64,000 for the bonuses alone.