Amherst County "Brushed With Kindness"

Amherst Co, VA- {}She's had multiple falls, a concussion, even broken ribs, all of this as a result of not having a handicap accessible bathroom. Amherst County resident Tammy Martin has multiple sclerosis and struggled using her bathroom for years. But she won't have to endure that pain any longer thanks to Amherst County Habitat For Humanity.

We told you last week about Habitat For Humanity having to suspend their building efforts due to lack of funds, but that doesn't mean they've stopped helping the community. They are now participating in a national Habitat For Humanity Program called "A Brush With Kindness." And that brush is giving people like Tammy Martin new hope.

"Yes, thank God they were able to help me," said Martin.

Tammy Martin's bathroom did not look too good before the renovations. The floor had water damage and there was nothing to catch Tammy, so she was regularly falling in her bath tub.

"Not having use of one side of my body, it made it very difficult to get out of the tub," said Martin.

When volunteers from the Meals on Wheels Program noticed Tammy continually in pain, they knew they had to do something.

"I got tired of being hurt," said Martin.

So they got in touch with Amherst County Habitat For Humanity.

"There's a lot of people that have livable houses but just aren't able to do repairs on it that would keep them livable," said Craig Cassell who is the Executive Director of the Amherst County Habitat For Humanity.

Though Habitat is known for building new homes, A Brush With Kindness is about fixing up old ones. It's what the organization calls "critical rehab." The program is mainly for the elderly or disabled.

"People that would otherwise lose their homes or have to go into a nursing home or live with a family member, they're able to maintain their independence," said Debbie Habel who is the Board President at Amherst Habitat.

They can help a lot more people this way.

"Instead of one house a year this is five projects already this year," said Habel.

"We've adjusted our whole program in a way that we're servicing more people in a tight economic time," said Cassell.

As for Martin, she couldn't be more grateful to have made it onto their list.

"I can go in there, do what I need to do, turn my chair around, and come out like a normal human being.. which is...that I could not belive..that I'm still trying to come to terms with, I can't believe that," said Martin.

The group has a lot of other projects underway right now. They just replaced a woman's kitchen floor due to water damage. They say the woman was on oxygen and struggling to breathe and say it was mostly connected to the mold they found in her rotten floor. If you would like to learn more about the "Brush Of Kindness Program" you can find out more here.

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