Amherst Considers Moving Town Hall to Make it Handicap Accessible

Amherst, VA - The town of Amherst is in the market for a new town hall because of one very inconvenient problem. The current building, located in the heart of Main Street, is not handicap accessible.

Getting in and out of Amherst's town hall in a wheelchair is no easy feat. The building was donated to the town long before the American With Disabilities Act was signed into law. It has no elevator, no handicap accessible bathroom and narrow hallways.

"It was an old bank. There is a large portion of the footprint that's taken up with a huge safe," Mayor Paul Kilgore explained.

He says it would cost more to renovate the 1920's building than to sell it and use the proceeds to move somewhere else.

Town officials are also concerned about the public perception:

"We're here to serve all of our citizens whether they're mobile or not," said Kilgore.

As far as a timeline, the mayor says it could be anywhere from one month to a few years before moving the town hall. He says they have a few buildings in mind, but nothing's been voted on yet.