Amherst Co. Woman Turns 105 Years Old

Madison Heights, VA - It was quite the party in Madison Heights Saturday to celebrate a big birthday.

Not many people can say they remember what the world was like a century ago, but Edith Jones can. She just turned 105 years old.

ABC 13 first introduced Jones to viewers last year during the Presidential Election.

On Saturday, her family and friends gathered at Merredith's Restaurant for food, a gigantic birthday cake, and a good time.

Edith says she feels great at 105 years old. She says she's just blessed to be surrounded by so many people she loves.

"I'm happy to have lived this long, and to be able to still have all my relatives and friends so close to me," Jones said, with a youthful smile.

Edith's birthday was actually Friday. She says she's looking forward to eating all that good food at her special birthday party.

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