Amherst Co. Schools Efficiency Study Points Out Problems between School Board and County Board

Amherst County, VA - The Amherst County Schools efficiency study presented last night is shedding light on the fragmented relationship between the board of supervisors and school board.Prismatic Services conducted the study and shared the results in front of a packed crowd at Amherst County High School Thursday night. Prismatic says for years the supervisors and school board members haven't gotten along.

15.4 million dollars, that's how much the board of supervisors may have to shell out to increase efficiency. However, one of Prismatic's recommendations that doesn't require money is how to improve relations between the board of supervisors and the school board.

According to the study, during focus groups, the county board accused the school board of wasting money. While the school board blamed the county board for under funding them.

They've also gone back and forth about the process of appointing school board members. The solution, Prismatic says is changing the school board position from an appointed position to an elected one.

Members of the Amherst Education Association have already started a petition to get that done. They are already halfway to their goal of collecting 2500 signatures.

"It gives voters a voice in the decision making of the schools. {}It allows school board members to be more accountable to both the schools and to the community at large" said AEA President Melanie Lewis.

The petition process can be waived if the board calls for a referendum. Melanie Lewis says until then they will keep collecting signatures.

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