Amherst Art Organization Needs Your Vote for National Competition

Amherst, VA - An Amherst County organization says there is proof art can heal and needs help making that happen.

Amherst GLEBE Arts Response is a finalist to win $15,000 from the Livestrong Foundation.

The idea is to pair artists with cancer survivors and their caregivers. The organization with the most votes, wins.

The paint strokes aren't always perfect and notes aren't always on key, but art can be a powerful tool when the outlook seems bleak.

"She got to place her fabric just the way that she wanted it," Rita Napper said, showing a quilt made by a former patient.

Napper is the activity coordinator at Fairmont Crossing Rehabilitation Center. The Amherst Glebe Arts Response Program has been bringing them art projects and music programs for the last seven years.

"It is very important what Lynn is doing in bringing programs into the residents that can't get out," Napper said.

"It helps you reach inside yourself and say, 'What can I do even though I've been diagnosed with an illness?'" added Lynn Kable, the president of GLEBE.

With a simple mouse click, you can help bring hope to even more.

Glebe beat out hundreds of applicants - to make it to the final round of Livestrong's Community Impact Project.The organization with the most votes wins $15,000 to offer free workshops or bedside classes to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Lynn Kable has seen art make even the sickest souls come alive.

"It's a very good way of combating stress. And of course, cancer's stressful!" Kable said.

Anna Heath has since passed on, a quilt taken her place. But at Fairmont Crossing, the memories stay stitched together.

"It's very emotional when someone passes on that we've had for a long time because you get attached. They're part of your family," said Napper.

The organization with the most votes will establish a series of visual, performing and literary workshops for at least twelve hours every month.

Go to Livestrong's website to vote. You have until March 28.