American Academy Of Pediatrics Advises Against Retail Based Clinics

Salem, VA - A warning is out from The American Academy of Pediatrics advising parents to avoid using retail-based clinics versus a regular pediatrician.

The main concern is whether the clinics do not provide the regular preventative health care children need.

The association believes children benefit far less from fragmented health care versus the having a medical home.

"Having a physician that knows them who can know their past history and follow with them long term. One of the joys of pediatrics is knowing families, knowing children, watching them grow up and being an integral part of that," said Dr. Russell Delaney a pediatrician with Lewis Gale Physicians.

Health care professionals say there is room for retail-based medical care for children but that should be relegated to choice options.

Even then, you are encouraged to have all those records sent on to your regular pediatrician.

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