Ambriar Explosion Turns Some Into Citizen Journalists

Amherst, VA - People miles away could feel an explosion, but very few were up close and personal to see what actually happened.

There were lots of citizen journalists in the Ambriar Shopping Center explosion.

One was Cole Wright. He says he was right beside the propane tanks in the minutes leading up to the blast.

Wright works in the Ambriar Shopping Center explained Tuesday exactly what happened Monday Night.

"That's where I was at the time. The tanks were literally 20 feet behind this store," Wright said.

Wright definitely had a front seat to all of the action.

"This entire spot right here was completely filled with propane all the way from that tank," Wright said.

Wright says around 7:30 Monday night, he began to smell a very strong odor.

He says he didn't think twice about what to do next.

"Me and one other gentleman went through the buildings to get everybody out, "Wright said.

Wright left behind his belongings - including his car.

"My car was parked right beside where it exploded," Wright said.

Wright says he heard two explosions.

"A massive explosion went off which was huge. It looked like an atomic bomb just literally dropped. Everybody at that point that was down here started running toward the streets pretty much pure chaosI was kind of emotionally scared for the firefighters and police because they were right there when the explosion went off and luckily no one got hurt," Wright explained.

It appears his car got the worst of the blast.

You can't see it on this side, but on that side there's a little bit of melting damage," said Wright. He says that damage pattern is nothing short of a miracle.

"I was very lucky. I think everybody should consider themselves very lucky after that," Wright concluded.