Amazement Square Employees Deal With Another Power Outage in Downtown

Lynchburg, VA - Amazement Square went dark at the start to Ashleigh Karol's busy day due to another power outage.

"It just makes morning a little more difficult than we would have liked," she said.

Fortunately, the power kicked back in about two hours later. But, for more than 1,000 customers in downtown Lynchburg, it was a rough start to the day.

Jennifer Rickman is on babysitting duty. When the power went out, she thought about not taking the kids to Amazement Square.

"It makes things inconvenient. It makes it hard to make plans and go places," said Rickman.

Amazement Square had to rearrange staff, delay some kids' events to another day and even reschedule planned field trips. That's money lost.

"It was almost like a winter storm, but in the wrong season," said Karol.

At the middle of the outage was the Blackwater Power Station. Just last week, a squirrel caused a station transformer there to go out.

Two squirrels in seven days - people are saying not possible. So we called APCO to put the rumors to rest.

"No, no, no. This was definitely due to a squirrel inside of our Blackwater station," said Larry Jackson with ApCo.

Before a third strike, APCO has solutions like cutting more tree limbs near the station to prevent animal nesting.