Alumni Group Fight to Save VES Building

Lynchburg, VA - Some Virginia Episcopal School Alumni are fired up about the possible fate of one building on campus.

VES is planning to demolish Mingea Cottage in order to expand school facilities under its new master plan.
According to the school's Board of Trustees, the cottage needs "substantial repairs." It will cost roughly $600,000 to renovate the cottage.
Upset alumni created a Facebook page named 'Save Mingea Cottage and VES Heritage' .
The page had almost 400 likes on Friday.
Jim Dudley went to VES one year, grew up near the school, and doesn't want the cottage torn down.
"It's a lot easier and more fun to tell the story when the building is still standing there as opposed to a plaque. Highways have plaques, to hell with a plaque, said Dudley."
VES's board did offer a compromise to cottage advocates: find the money to save Mingea in the next 60 days.