Altavista's Spencer Doubles Her Pleasure

Altavista - Reaching 300 coaching wins in a sport is a milestone. To do it in two different sports is quite a feat.

Altavista's Debra Spencer has now topped 300 wins in volleyball and basketball, with a state title in both.
Debra Spencer, ALTAVISTA BASKETBALL/VOLLEYBALL COACH, said "When you work with good people, when you have good kids playing for you, it's a lot easier to do that.
Modest to a tee, Debra Spencer is always quick to credit everyone around her for her coaching success. But look at her work a mile a minute. She pours her heart and soul into the team and her players give back.
Warner Dyke, BROOKVILLE HEAD COACH, said "She's a whole lot like me. She's very competitive and she puts the kids first in whatever she does. It's always about the kids, always about doing the right thing."
Spencer played both sports at Altavista, now she's in her 23rd year coaching both.Volleyball in the fall, straight into basketball in the winter, then a brief coaching break in the spring.
Debra Spencer said "It's not easy to play for me. And to play for me for two seasons is hard enough. Three seasons I wouldn't wish that on any of the kids.'
On this night, Altavista lost to Brookville after beating the Bees the previous week on their home court. So turnabout is fair play, right?
Debra Spencer said "It's never fair, losing is never fair. We're greedy, we want 'em all. We don't want to share wins (chuckle)."
It's that DRIVE that has pushed Spencer to coaching greatness and she's still going strong.