Altavista Unveiling Historical Sculptures

Altavista, VA - Altavista is commemorating its history with some new additions. The town is set to unveil the first of several sculptures next month.

The sculptures are themed, representing the industries Altavista were founded on like textiles, furniture making, and railroads.

The first sculpture is going to be at the Altavista Library, and will feature a brass bench with a mom and her child reading a book.

The sculptures were a gift from Altavista on Track.

"We're a young town but we've been very fortunate, we're still very fortunate to have so much industry in this little town of 3400 people so we want to say, 'thank you.' and this is one of the ways that we can do that," said Joe Kelly, Executive Director of Altavista on Track.

The town is working on fundraising to be able to pay for the other sculptures.

Exactly what and where the sculptures they will be is still under discussion.