Altavista Residents Happy to Be Rid of Buzzards

Altavista, VA- Altavista has finally had enough of the buzzards that hang around their town. Tuesday night, the town council voted 4-1 to pay the U.S. Department of Agriculture to eliminate the problem. Folks in the town are happy to hear the news, and will be glad when they are rid of the birds for good.

Daniel Witt, the Assistant Town Manager, says these birds are a big problem to the town for several reasons. They have torn up roofing, killed trees, and even damaged cars. He says there are so many buzzards in the town at this point, they had to call in reinforcement. He says the local police just don't have enough time to dedicate to the problem. And residents have dealt with the birds for around six years now, which they say, is long enough.

"They've done a significant amount of damage in the neighborhoods, tearing up shingles, vehicles. Fifty, 60, 100 will sit on rooftops and it's an annoyance for our residents," Daniel Witt, Altavista Asst. Town Manager.

"In the evening I watch them circle, I can see over there. And you know it's amazing how many are out there," said Noel Bowling, an Altavista resident.

Witt says the USDA will start getting rid of the birds in about two weeks.