Altavista Man Displaced After Home Burns to the Ground

Altavista, VA - Smoke could be seen for miles as James Calland's Altavista home of 13 years burned to the ground.

A total of eight agencies, including the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, assisted the Altavista Fire Department.

When fire fighters arrived, flames engulfed the house and part of the roof was already caved in, according to Altavista Fire Chief Lee Neal.

State troopers stopped traffic on Route 29, while firefighters ran hoses from a fire hydrant across the highway to fight the blaze. For over an hour, cars were backed up for miles.

Callands says he was at his sister's house, while his own home was engulfed in flames. "I was on my way back from Danville, when my daughter called me and said the fire department had called her," said Calland.

All that was left were burnt remains where his house once stood. However, despite losing everything, Callands remains optimistic that he will recover from this devastating loss.

"Sad situation, but we'll get through it," Callands said.