Altavista Domestic Dispute Ends In Shooting

Altavista, VA - A domestic dispute took a turn for the worse Sunday in Campbell County. It happened in the 900 block of 16th Street in Altavista. Officials say one man is recovering at Lynchburg General Hospital after being shot by a man, officials have identified as his step-brother. Altavista Police were called to the scene around 1:30 p.m., Sunday. When they got to the scene, they say it took them nearly 45 minutes to coax the victim and the suspect out of a home. Once they finally surrendered to police, both were taken into custody. Police say the suspect, Malachi Goodwein, 34, admitted to shooting his step-brother. An investigation is currently underway to see why. He is being held at the Altavista Police Department waiting on pending charges and bond to be set by the magistrate. Officials say Webstern Stovall, the victim, was shot through his right leg. Upon surrendering, Altavista's Police Chief tells ABC 13 Stovall became, "Belligerent" and "uncooperative" with authorities.

We are told he resisted paramedics help and an emergency custody order was put in place.

"The victim was taken into custody on an emergency custody order and transported to Lynchburg General Hospital for a physical evaluation and a mental evaluation," said Altavista Police Chief, Kenneth Walsh.

Stovall is said to be in stable physical condition at this time, but no word on his mental condition. Sunday evening the Police Department is working on getting a search warrant for the residence. They will search the home for the bullet and other evidence.

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