Almost Done by Bill Foy

Getting through January is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to getting through winter.

On closer examination, January 2012 wasn't half bad. There was almost no snow to report around Lynchburg and Danville, although points west of Roanoke seemed to get a dusting. Still, nothing at all like two years ago.

The Virginia General Assembly is back in session. While the bulk of its work takes place in February, so far I've heard no reports of mayhem and mischief coming out of the big building at North 9th and Bank Street in Richmond.

The Republican presidential race has certainly been a spectacle this January. But at least they had the good sense to stage their shenanigans mostly in the warmth of South Carolina and Florida.

In the sports world, the cold winds of January have been unkind to the Hokies, both in football and basketball. The Cavaliers are decidedly more upbeat, even if they did lose a sloppy game to their in-state rivals at home.

On the economic front, good news for jobs at Lynchburg's Tessy Plastics and Vaughan-Bassett in Galax. And even though they're closing the Central Virginia Training Center in Madison Heights, at least it won't happen for another 8 years.

From the world of entertainment, weren't you somewhat relieved to learn there was a good reason you really couldn't stand watching Wheel of Fortune?

Looking ahead, there's plenty of anticipation as we prepare to celebrate Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day and even Leap Day! And then the first day of spring!

But first things first: Matt Ferguson just projected on the noon news that long range forecasts call for much colder than normal weather in the first and second week of February. He's calling it a "cross-polar-flow."Yikes! At least it's not January.