Allied Arts Getting $3 Million Facelift

Lynchburg, VA - Downtown Lynchburg's second tallest building is getting a facelift.

Several years ago, the Allied Arts building got new owners. Now, the owners are ready to pump some $3 million into the building to refurbish it entirely.

The Allied Arts building was built in 1927. In its heyday, it was prime office space. Now, they're trying to bring that old charm back.

The Allied Arts building towers above downtown Lynchburg. It has for decades. The building also hasn't been through a thorough remodeling in just as long.

Michelle Hamrick is the director of property services. It's her job to get all 17 floors of the building leased out. Hamrick says she's 80% of the way there and says she has a plan to finish the job: hold true to the building's history.

"That's one of the most important things about remodeling this building is keeping all the integrity and the historic value to it," said Hamrick.

Allied Arts is an art deco building. Many original quirks like a mail chute are still in place just like it was in the 1920s.

"We're still keeping all the art deco in the foyer, beautiful foyer that has a lot of original pieces and work in there," said Hamrick.

One of the biggest changes will be on the first floor, where a cafe will brew coffee from the Muse Coffee Company from Wyndhurst.

"We're going to put a very nice cafe and coffee shop on the first floor that will not only serve the tenants that's in the building, but also the public around," said Hamrick.

With views that the second tallest building in Lynchburg provides, Hamrick hopes to have the historic building busy again by the end of the year.

"We want to really be an attraction. And we want to be able to add to the value of downtown," said Hamrick.

Right now, Allied Arts is finalizing historical tax credits for the building. The plan is to keep the building commercial. If you're interested in office space, click here.