Allergy Relief Lozenges Company Moving to River District

Danville, VA-- One company is bringing 150 new jobs to Danville and investing $7.5 million.

The city of Danville announced on Thursday that an allergy relief lozenges company, named Allergease, is moving to Danville's River District.

Crews are renovating the Pemberton Building on Bridge Street, which is where the company will house its executive offices and headquarters. It will also have a warehouse and distribution operations on Newton Street. The company's new headquarters will open in July.

"This is exactly what we've been working for for a long time," said Jeremy Stratton, Danville City's Director of Economic Development. "All the departments in the city of Danville have been working hard to beautify Danville's River District and to host investments downtown, to make it a new place for new companies to locate, and we're finding that more companies want to locate to the River District."

An Allergease representative said they will have more information shortly about their employment opportunities. They advise interested candidates to keep an eye on their website for upcoming job openings.

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