Allergists Warn of Coming 'Pollen Vortex'

Lynchburg, VA - Allergists are warning everyone that a "Pollen Vortex" is on the way. Pollen counts are elevated and many allergy specialists here in Lynchburg have been getting a slew of patients, many more than last year.

Allergists say the worst is yet to come.

Larissa Norman with the Asthma and Allergy Center of Lynchburg says some pollens have held off since the weather hasn't been too warm yet. When the sunny 80 degree days head our way, our area will get hit with a new wave of pollen.

Mid-May will be the worst time for the "Pollen Vortex." We also had a damp winter, which doesn't help either. Norman says with the late hit in the season, it will be a nightmare for those with allergies.

"We always have a long tree pollen season anyway, but now we're going to see these trees just kind of float right into the grass. So we're going to have high tree pollens and high grass pollen so you know it's starting now and it's just going to continue to worsen," said Norman.

There's also new information showing that eating certain types of foods when your allergies act up, could make things worse. If birch pollen makes you sick, stay away from apples and pear. Ragweed allergy sufferers need to avoid melons, and if you're sensitive to tree nuts your symptoms will worsen if you eat walnuts.

"Once you eat them with the peeling on them, you can get itchy mouth, we call that oral allergy syndrome, so you can notice that your body and the mucus membranes of your mouth can't really tell a difference between the pollen and that which is the peeling of the apples," said Norman.

Larissa Norman says mid-July could be when you get a bit of a break. To find out what you may be allergic to you need to get tested. Doctors will put pollen on your skin to see how you react. If you're suffering from allergies here are some simple things to help :

Don't hang your clothes on the clothesline.

If you're outside for some time, come in and wash your clothes and get a shower to not spread pollen over your house.

Re-circulate air in your car so you're not pulling air in from outside

Finally, use over the counter antihistamines and nasal spray