Allen, Kaine Swing through Lynchburg

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: R.J. Burnette

Lynchburg, VA - Two political heavyweights were on the same turf Friday. Senate candidates, Republican George Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine, both came through Lynchburg.

Still three whole months until Election Day. But, there are 8-million Virginians to talk to. George Allen toured Delta Star, and spoke with Chamber members. But, Kaine wasn't far behind.

We caught up with him talking to folks at the Virginia Farm Bureau forum. The Farm Bureau says it lobbies for agriculture issues, but does not pick a candidate. That's why they schedule both candidates to speak back to back Friday.

Farmers raised question and concern over the Affordable Care Act, Bush tax cuts, and two big ones - corn prices and regulation.

"The regulations coming out of Washington are a real burden to a lot of small farmers. I was talking to a dairy farmer who has 1,000 head of cows in Pittsylvania County. He had to spend three years and over $40,000 just to get a farm bond," said Allen.

"Corn pricing is serious, although it kind of splits the agricultural community. If you're raising corn, high corn prices is great. And if you're raising poultry, high corn prices is bad. In any room you walk in to, not everyone is going to think the same thing about everything," said Kaine.

One striking difference between the candidates. If elected to the Senate, Allen vows to repeal the Affordable Care Act, while Kaine wants changes to it, but does not believe it should get repealed.