Allen & Kaine Senate Race Very Tight, Campaign Teams in Richmond

Richmond, VA - The presidential race isn't the only one too close to call. Virginia's Senate race is just as tight.

Both Tim Kaine and George Allen will be in Richmond Tuesday night for the results.

Win or lose, Tim Kaine is expected to speak later Tuesday at the Marriott in downtown Richmond. ABC 13 has a crew there and will have live updates throughout the evening, including an update from the Kaine campaign on statewide voting on ABC 13 News at 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, Tim Kaine's opponent George Allen is at the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond, where we also have an ABC 13 News crew.

Chair of the Republican Party Pat Mullins was at the Republican victory party at the Omni and says Election 2012 is one of the closest elections he has ever seen.

Mullins says the Senate race between Allen and Kaine is even closer. He said between the four candidates for both President and Senate in Virginia, they have spent more than $100 million.

Mullins says it's crucial that Allen wins Virginia because it could determine the majority in the Senate.

"We really only need 50 votes because Vice President Ryan will cast that 51st vote like Governor Bolling did here. We need to get 50 and it's pretty critical that George be one of them," said Mullins.

He says the doors at the victory party will open at 7 p.m., but they will be here late into the night waiting until every Virginia vote is counted.

When this race started, Allen had the lead in the polls, but that lead has narrowed in the weeks leading up to the election. Polls now put Kaine slightly ahead of Allen.

Reporter Mark Kelly is covering Tim Kaine's campaign. Follow him on Twitter here.
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