Alleghany Co. Investigators Searching for Man They Say Murdered His Wife

The 2001 Ford pickup truck investigators believe Rodriguez was last driving.

Alleghany Co., VA - The Alleghany County Sheriff's Office is working with the U.S. Marshal's Service to try to track down a man who investigators believe murdered his wife sometime over the weekend.

Ashley Kimberlin Rodriguez, 24, was reported missing Monday Morning. Her body was found about 12 hours later at the cemetery where her husband worked.

Investigators found Ashley's body at Alleghany Memorial Park and they believe that is where she was killed.

A nationwide hunt is underway to bring Adan "Manuel" Rodriguez home to answer charges that he murdered Rodriguez.

The same day concerned friends and family pursued a missing persons report for Ashley Kimberlin Rodriguez, investigators were tipped off about fresh dirt that had been spread behind the main office at Alleghany Memorial Park.

"The body was just covered up with that dirt back there. It was a very tedious process, you know, with rakes and things like that just pull the dirt slowly, slowly, slowly away and after a couple of hours then we end up locating the body," said Alleghany Co. Sheriff Kevin Hall.

While investigators needed positive ID, they were confident they had found the missing mother of four and issued a first degree murder arrest warrant for her husband who worked at the cemetery.

"They talked to him a couple of different times yesterday and they actually wanted to get back together with him again, prior to the body being found, and he didn't show up," Hall said.

Investigators have not heard from Rodriguez since. In fact the last time they could pinpoint Rodiguez's location was in Covington, at a Shell station located just off I-64.

Cameras caught Rodriguez putting about $70 worth of gas into his truck that is a 2001 two toned 2001 Ford pickup truck with green over tan.

While they look for Rodriguez, they are also looking for the murder weapon. Kimberlin was shot in the face.

"You need to consider him possibly armed and dangerous. Until he is located, I guess there is a concern for everybody. You just don't know what state of mind a person like this is in the present time," Hall said.

Tuesday in Clifton Forge, where Ashley worked, many that knew her said she was a well-liked and kind woman.

Kimberlin Rodriguez leaves behind four daughters aged eight months to five years.

Investigators say Rodriguez has some family in the Charlotte, North Carolina area but that there is little more that is known about his family. Tuesday evening Sheriff Hall asked for help in getting word out to television stations in the southeast United States and in Texas; concerned Rodriguez may be heading toward the Mexican border.