Alleged Thief Caught Returning Stolen Vehicle

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke woman got quite the surprise over the weekend when a man who allegedly stole her car was caught red-handed... bringing it back.

It happened Sunday morning at an apartment building on Highland Avenue in the Historic District.

Roanoke Police say as the woman was reporting her missing car to 911 a man drove up in the car and parked it in the same spot it was missing from.

Darrell Lee Dent was arrested a short time later a few blocks away.

Police say Dent found the keys to the car in the car... something they say happens all too often.

"Over 60% of the time when we have stolen vehicles and stolen property is actually due to a keys left within vehicles," said Officer Travis Akins with the Roanoke City Police Department.

Dent is out on bail after being charged with auto theft.