All Train Cars Removed From the James River

Lynchburg, VA - All three train cars that crashed into the James River Wednesday have been removed. CSX says they are continuing site reconditioning efforts, like removing debris, rebuilding the road bed and completing preliminary work to re-lay track. CSX says they are also working closely with safety officials to secure the site and allow affected businesses to resume operations as soon as possible. Alfred Fitzgerald says he has been watching from across the river since the accident. Fitzgerald says he saw a crane try to pull the cars out of the river Friday night, but the cars seemed too heavy. "I came down here today and both of them are out, so they got the oil out and they got them up on the tracks over there looking good," said Fitzgerald. Keith Holloway of the NTSB says the clean-up will still take a while, but progress is being made. There is also word that the Depot Grille, which has been acting as a command post for the NTSB and CSX, has plans to open Sunday at 11 a.m.
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