Alexis Murphy's Mother Speaks Out After Her Cell Phone is Found

Nelson Co., VA - Alexis Murphy has been missing for a month now. Tuesday, the FBI confirmed that Alexis' cell phone has been found.

The FBI is not saying when or where the cell phone was found, but ABC 13 has confirmed with investigators that the phone was found before this past Saturday's search.

Alexis Murphy's Aunt tells me that her phone is a White iPhone.

Investigators are also now saying that a red sweater that was found in Rockfish River this past Saturday does not belong to Alexis.

Alexis Murphy's mother says now that two major items have been found now, her car and her cell phone, Alexis will be next to be found, and she says Randy Taylor knows exactly where she is.

"He knows, he knows exactly where my daughter's at, and I just wish he could just go ahead and tell us where she's at," said Laura Murphy, Alexis Murphy's Mother.

Randy Taylor has been charged with abducting Murphy. He will appear before a Grand Jury on September 26.

It's also important to note that investigators are still considering the Murphy case a search and rescue, meaning they hope to bring Alexis home alive.