Alexis Murphy's Mother Says She Will Never Stop Looking for Her Daughter

Nelson County, VA - Alexis Murphy's mother says she will never give up searching for her daughter.A judge gave Randy Taylor the maximum prison time of two life terms for killing the 17-year-old.

The Murphy family denied a last minute deal proposed by Taylor to tell them where her body is. "Right now, she would be going to college. I would be getting her ready to go to college but I'll never get that chance" said Murphy.

The calendar in Laura Murphy's room still reads August 3rd, 2013. That's the date she says she began serving her own life sentence -- one of pain and suffering.

"I can't sleep at night, still having sleepless nights. I have not gone back to work yet" said Murphy.

When the judge handed Randy Taylor his sentence, Murphy says for a moment she was relieved. However, that feeling didn't last. "We may have him but I still don't have my daughter. I'm going to always be incomplete until we have her body" said Murphy.

Initially the the prosecution offered Taylor a deal to serve 20 years in exchange for him leading them to Alexis Murphy's body. He refused the deal.

However, at his sentencing Taylor tried to strike the deal once again.

"How can you say that you are innocent? That's the part that gets me. How do you want to take the 20 years and maintain innocence?" questioned Murphy.

Laura Murphy says Taylor has told too many lies for her to trust he will tell the truth if they did agree to this deal. Yet she says she won't give up on finding her daughter so she can one day lay her to rest.

"If we can find anyone that knows anything about Randy Taylor's whereabouts that day that could lead us to where my daughter's at" said Murphy.

The Murphy family will be holding a vigil for Alexis Murphy on the one year anniversary of her disappearance. It will be August 3rd at Nelson County High School.