Alexis Murphy's Mother and Father Feel Their Daughter is Alive

Lovingston, VA - The parents of Alexis Murphy are speaking out on what life is like not knowing if their seventeen year old girl is ok.

The last time we heard from Alexis' mom was during Monday's press conference. She was overcome with tears

Alexis' mother, Laura Murphy says every day is a struggle. She can't sleep, she can barely eat; friends and family have moved into her home to bring comfort. But the one person she's hoping to have walk through her front door, hasn't.

"She said I'm going to be back before 12, and I told her, I love you" said Murphy.

And those were the last words Murphy spoke to her daughter Alexis before she disappeared.

"It's hard, because that's my baby girl, I mean she's my only girl" she said.

It's been nearly two weeks since her only daughter left to go back to school shopping in Lynchburg, and never returned home.

Her parents are holding on to every ounce of hope that she'll soon walk through their door again.

"It's my daughter, so I can sense and feel in my heart right now that she's still alive. In the days to come, next week, I don't know how my heart's going to feel, it's already ripped out already" said Murphy.

Alexis' Father, Troy Brown spends his nights lying awake in bed, "I could be finding something out, searching. There is no time to sleep, the mind just wanders" said Brown.

Murphy's home has become a gathering spot. Family and friends pack inside, all eyes glued to the TV. National news now covering this story that hits so close to home.

Alexis' Aunts have been there since she went missing.

"I just need to be here. Because I just know at any moment, a phone's going to ring and they're going to tell me that they found her" said Aunt, Trina Murphy.

And as for Randy Taylor, the man police have arrested and charged with Alexis' abduction, "When I look at him I just see a monster, I just see evilness. I know you know; where is she?"

Murphy said she wants to sit down face to face with Randy Taylor, a father himself, to try and find her daughter's whereabouts.