Alexis Murphy's Family Claims Randy Taylor's Story Is a Lie

Nelson Co., VA - The family of Alexis Murphy says the story Randy Taylor's attorney is telling about the night the 17-year-old disappeared is all an elaborate lie.

Murphy's family says Taylor's story simply doesn't add up.

Taylor's attorney claims Murphy went willingly with Taylor to his home and then left with another man and was never seen again. Her family says that Alexis would never do such a thing, and they claim there are gaping holes in his story.

"If it wasn't you, if she was at your house, and she was with somebody else, why didn't you turn it in?"

That's just one of many questions Brittany Harris has after hearing Randy Taylor's version of what happened the night her cousin.

"He's a criminal. That's what criminals do, they come up with lies. They come up with ways to tell people things" said Harris.

Randy Taylor, arrested and charged in Murphy's abduction, has his lawyer Mike Hallahan explaining his side of the story.

"Mr. Taylor told law enforcement that he met this missing girl at the Liberty gas station by coincidence" said Hallahan.

Hallahan says the pair met by chance. He claims Taylor pulled up to a pump near Murphy to buy cigarettes while she got gas.

"Most people that go to the store to get cigarettes, they pull to the front of the store to go into the store to get cigarettes, they don't pull up beside a gas pump beside a young girl" said Harris.

"She said 'I know a guy' she told him to meet at another location in Lovingston and they rode up there in both cars" said Hallahan.

Hallahan also alleges that Murphy went with Taylor to his home, where a third man sold Taylor marijuana. Hallahan claims Murphy went willingly and even spent some time with Taylor.

"She's obsessed with her phone. During that time, she never tweeted on her phone, she never made a phone call to anybody, she never got on Facebook with anybody. It's terrifying honestly, because he knows where she is and he won't tell anybody" said Harris.

Hallahan says it was with the third man that Murphy left Taylor's property. He says he's located that person, but he will not identify him.

Investigators will not comment on whether he is a suspect in Murphy's disappearance.