Alexis Murphy Honored at Nelson Co. Football Game

Nelson Co., VA - Friday night means high school football stadiums are all lights as games get underway, and players represent their home town on their home turf.

And on Friday, a special home game for the Nelson County Governors; it was dedicated to missing 17 year old Senior, Alexis Murphy.

Despite the cold, a community came out in solidarity, all dressed in pink to honor the girl they say is Nelson County's number one fan.

Amidst the pride and pageantry of the traditional Friday night lights, Nelson County High School gave a new meaning to this match.

"These kids just want to do something. They want to show the Murphy family that they care" said Kim Hillier, Nelson County Varsity Cheerleading Coach.

Hillier spearheaded an effort to dedicate the game to Alexis Murphy.

"I asked my cheerleaders, and they were just all about, 'let's do a whole pink-out, it's Alexis's favorite color, and make signs and banners, and get the whole school involved, force those boys on the football team into some pink, and the coaches" she said.

And the results were overwhelming. Cheerleaders wore pink ribbons, coaches, pink caps, the marching band, the entire crowd in pink for Alexis.

"Our entire community is feeling the loss of Alexis and this is just one more show for us to know that they're still standing behind us" said Trina Murphy, Alexis' Aunt.

Alexis's family made their way onto the field for a special halftime ceremony, and moment of silence.

Each of Alexis's volleyball teammates held a pink balloon; 17 in all.

And when the silence was broken, the Friday night lights shone over the balloons released, to honor the girl this community so desperately wants to come back.

Alexis has been missing for nearly three months. There will be a moment of silence held for her at each Nelson County Home football game, with high hopes that one Friday; she'll be back among her friends.