Alan Pearson Donates $1 Million to Centra

Lynchburg, VA- Friday night in Lynchburg Centra held its Night of Hope fundraiser for the "Patient Support Fund" at the Alan B. Pearson Cancer Center. Mr. Pearson made an appearance at the event, and brought with him quite a donation.

Pearson presented Centra's new CEO, E.W. Tibbs, with a $1 million check. He told Tibbs to use the check to keep making progress and keep doing good in the community. Tibbs says it's an honor to receive such a gracious donations.

"I believe we've touched his heart with our work and he touches ours with his generosity. And those two things coming together, much of what you see today in the Centra Alan B. Pearson Center will continue, and more great things to come, because of Mr. Pearson's generosity," said Tibbs.

Including Friday night's million dollar donation, Pearson has contributed $4 million to Centra, and over $100,000 to the Centra college of nursing scholarships.