AJ Skateworld in Appomattox Reopened

Appomattox, VA - AJ Skateworld reopened on Friday. This comes just months after they shut down this summer over the previous owner's health concerns.

The new owners still wanted it to feel like the old AJs, so they didn't do a complete overhaul.

Owners say the main thing is: they're open...and from the sounds of it, folks in the town are glad to have it back.

Jennifer Wilkerson, 25, is a church pastor, roller derby girl, and the new manager of AJs Skateworld.

"They're like, 'you're the manager here. What? You're young,'" said Wilkerson.

Originally from Culpeper, she had no idea how big re-opening AJs would be.

"They just poured in. We just didn't expect to have that many people to walk through our doors," said Wilkerson.

"It was totally insane," said Jan Wilkerson, Jennifer's mom.

Skaters waited in below-freezing temperatures opening night.

"They were just standing out there and it wrapped around the building. I mean it was crazy," said Jan.

The new and improved AJ Skateworld has new paint, two TVs, wi-fi, and less carpet.

"This was all carpeting. I mean it was the 70s. It was shag time," said Jennifer.

One of the changes made was adding tables and seating to the kiddie rink, so parents can stay close by and they also left this space open to be a dance floor.

"Instead of putting skates on, they can actually dance during some of our songs," said Jennifer.

Jennifer says, even more than business success, she's looking forward to being a part of the Appomattox family.

"These are third generation skaters and I'm just so proud to be a part of it," said Jennifer.

AJs has now has new hours. They are open Tuesday through Saturday. There are a lot of events and classes going on there.

You can check out their Facebook page for more.