After Two Recent Fires At Cardinal Village, Danville Fire Marshal Teaches Children About Fire Prevention

Danville, VA-- A Danville neighborhood decided to take action after two fires recently were caused by children.Danville Fire Marshal Shelby Irving visited Cardinal Village on Wednesday afternoon and talked to the children about fire hazards.Irving covered things like what to do if your clothes are on fire. A lot of the kids knew to stop, drop and roll, but she taught them to also cover their face.She also talked about when to call 911, and encouraged parents to practice exit drills.Since unattended cooking is the number one cause of fires in the nation, she stressed the importance of keeping children out of the kitchen. And even though your first instinct is to pour water on a fire, in the kitchen that would make it a lot worse. Instead, put a lid on it.But most of all, Irving focused on kids playing with matches and lighters. She saisaidds between five and eight are usually fascinated by them.Irving said fires at Cardinal Village in late April and just two weeks ago were caused by children playing with lighters. "We're just trying to get the point to them, if you find them, give them to an adult. We're asking our adults to keep them out of the hands of the children. As I said earlier, having matches and lighters in the hands of children is almost like having a gun in their hand," Irving explained.Irving also pointed out some fun fire safety and prevention games online for children. Click here to visit them.