Officials Warn Of Burn Dangers After Accidents in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Three different calls in a three day period included emergency runs to various neighborhoods for accidents most don't think much about.

Perhaps one of those people lives on Morgan Avenue - which is where rescue crews were called after a patient who relies on bottled oxygen decided it was a good idea to smoke.

Happens more than you think and the results can be serious.

"The internal injuries that start to happen to you very soon... where things swell up and you can't breathe. Those are the things people really need to think about," said Tiffany Bradbury with the Roanoke City Fire Department.

Crews were also needed on Trinkle Drive, where a woman was severely burned after the clothes she was wearing got too close to the burner and ignited.

Again... happens more often than you might think.

"Apparently that clothing was dragged across the stove and then caught fire. A lot of times people panic," said Bradbury.

The third, I'm sure, will hit us all a bit closer to home as a two year old boy accidentally had hot soup spilled on his face and neck, by an older sibling, when the two ran into each other.

"Kids don't understand what dangers are yet. Unfortunately, for most of us, as parents and caregivers, we can educate them on what a danger is and tell them no. But sometimes it takes that one touch of the stove for them to realize, "Oh that is hot. I don't want to touch that and I don't need to be around that," said Jill Lucas Drakeford/Carilion's with "Safe Kid Coalition".